Frequently Asked Questions

All frequently asked questions are listed here. If you are not able to find your answer, please contact us at

Account Registration

To register Rekono account email address and mobile phone are needed. During the registration procedure you can add digital certificate and enter personal data.

If within five minutes after sending the request you haven't received a code, confirming your email address, please check whether you have entered the correct email address. Go to the previous step and re-enter all the necessary data to start the registration.

If within five minutes after sending the request you haven't received a code, confirming your mobile phone number, and you are in the EU area, please check whether you have entered the correct mobile phone number and repeat the previous step of the registration. If you don't receive an SMS within 20 minutes, please notify Rekono support at

Rekono service currently does not enable registration of a new account without confirming your mobile phone number. At OSI d.o.o. we are fully aware of the importance of security. Mobile phone number is the key element in ensuring additional verification upon authenticating the chosen services.

Rekono is used as a web ID, so for demonstrating identity and high level of credibility only one account with added personal data is used. Even though registration of several accounts for one phone number is enabled, we allow using only one account with identical personal data.

Rekono supports digital certificates and smart card certificates issued by the certification authority. Qualified digital certificates are in Slovenia issued by four Certification Service Providers: Ministry of Public Administration - SIGEN-CA, Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. - Pošta®CA, Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. - AC NLB and Halcom d.d. - Halcom CA. Use digital certificate issued by the certification authority and enter your personal data matched to those on the digital certificate.

Forgotten Password

To reset the forgotten password go to the desired service, protected by Rekono authentication, and click 'Forgot Password' in the login window.

To reset the password you must confirm ownership of your email address to which you will receive unique six-digit code. After you have successfully entered the new password, confirm the ownership of the account by registered authentication mechanism with the highest level of login. You can start the procedure by clicking 'Forgot Password' in the Rekono login window.

Click Forgot Password, enter email address for which you wish to reset password and click "Next". You will receive a code to your email address, which you will enter into the field in the new window. Click "Next". Enter your password twice. It should contain at least eight characters, of which at least one capital letter, one number, small characters and at least one special character. In the last step select SMS and enter code, which you will receive to your mobile phone. You will receive a notice to your email address about successfully reset password.

If you haven't received a confirmation code in more than five minutes, please check whether your Rekono account is registered with this email address. If you are not sure that you have entered the correct email address, please repeat the procedure.

If you have no access to the required mechanism, please create new Rekono account. In case you were the owner of the account with entered personal data and tax ID number, please contact support at

Your password is controlled exclusively by you. For us at Rekono security is paramount. Enabled access to manual password reset can seriously endanger user's security, so we make sure you are protected by all known means of the data protection.

Account Management

To manage Rekono account go to Rekono Dashboard.

Personal data is verified in the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS) register. FURS register can decline your data. Due to the data protection we don't see these data and do not receive information on which data does not conform to the register. The following data is verified: name, surname, tax ID number, date of birth. If you enter data which does not conform to the data in the FURS register, registration cannot be successful. You can simply check how FURS entered your data by checking your income tax decision, annually sent to you by FURS.

If you think your data was abused or you were target of an attack, please immediately inform us at Your message should contain all the data regarding abuse, so we can address the issue.

Rekono account can be deactivated by logging into the Dashboard. In the menu on the left click 'Quick Settings' and scroll with the mouse to the bottom of the page. Click 'More options' to display the possibility of account deactivation.

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